About the Project

Illustrating Me comics gallery highlights personal stories and experiences of people with refugee background in Finland. In the comics people describe the situation in their home countries, their journey to Europe, everyday life in Finland and share us their future dreams. For many of the participants the comics are a first attempt to visually express the turning points of their lives.

Comics have been created in workshops held from 2016 on wards in reception centers and in different associations in Finland. Most of the workshop participants were adults but also few children attended workshops.

The workshop participants so far have been from Iraq, Afghanistan, Syria, Somalia, Uganda, Republic of Kongo, Burundi, Iran, Gambia, Albania, Cameroon, Russia, Turkey and Guinea.

kukkahuiviMany of the workshop participants haven’t had any background in drawing. However, the new challenge has been embraced with enthusiasm.

The comics are created with a low treshold method grassroot comics’ which is developed by a Finnsh NGO World Comics (Maailman sarjakuvat ry). The method embraces the idea that everyone can draw.

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